Blood-Pine – Extract

13th century, near Munich


Not much time is left for Ulrich von Mering until the day of his upcoming wedding. He is the last of his house, duties and responsibilities weighing on his shoulders. His bride, Agnes von Hardenberg, sets out for the trip to Friedberg to meet him there at a party of the Duke for the first time and a little later to seal the knot with him. From her beauty the minstrels proclaim  in the lands of German Empire. Hans von Eurasburg knows this stories. Not only as Ulrichs nemesis he wants the Beauty himself.

Hans is willing to use any means. Ulrichs concern is yet another. A robber baron haunts the lands around and raids the itineraries – especially those on whom Ulrichs bride is travelling to him.

Ulrich bides support from the powerful Wittelsbach Duke Ludwig II., Called “the severity”. His own temperament gets along bad with the temperament and the plans of the ruler. He earns the help from the Duke, but the two go apart in the dispute.

This fact Ulrichs enemy, Hans von Eurasburg, knows to use as well as an old, dark secret, in which Ulrich’s family, the Duke and the family of Eurasburg are entangled. To permanently overthrow Ulrich and to win Agnes’  hand, the Eurasburg doesn´t baulk a murder. Cleverly, he succeeds in foisting this act to Ulrich with the help of stolen items for evidence.

In court Ulrich is confronted with the Duke Ludwig as his judge. The only hope of the Mering is his future bride, he has met only briefly and who fears the marriage with him. Only she can save him and uncover the plot.

Is Agnes willing to solve the mystery that reaches into the highest circles of power, and to find freedom and love where they thought it the least?


How it begins, how it goes on?

I publish in this website again and again a few drafts. I want you to guide you into an exciting story out of your daily business. I look very much forward to your feedback on how good or bad I can do that!

Do you find the story interesting? Share it, spread it and/or write me, what you want to know. The more readers, the more I will translate 🙂

Write me using the contact form – like my Facebook page or follow my blog! More text follows with more interest)


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