Blood-Pine – where lies the truth?

13th century, near Munich


For a murder he did not commit the respected Ulrich von Mering is sentenced to death. His arch-nemesis, Hans von Eurasburg, the real murderer,  wants to destroy noble Ulrich forever. He avails himself that secret, which connects the upright nobleman Ulrich, Hans, the ne’er-do, himself, and the powerful Wittelsbach Duke Ludwig II..

Ulrich’s remaining hope is his reluctant bride, Agnes von Hardenberg. But Hans von Eurasburg also is longing very much to win the hand of the beauty. She is the only one to save Ulrich and to uncover the intrigue.

Is Agnes willing to reveal the secret that even in the highest circles of power ranges, and to find freedom and love where she suspects it least of all?


What about the beginnings, what´s happening next? Do you like the idea?
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More text follows more interest)


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